New Windows 8 Themes: Another Shell Theme for Windows XP

Here is a new Aero Windows 8 theme for Windows XP. If you are still on Windows XP or you still have a machine with XP installed on it, give this Aero theme a try!

Windows 8 Theme for Windows XP

We previously showed you a nice Windows 8 XP Theme, but this one is a bit different.

Windows 8 Theme for Windows XP

You need to download some additional DLL files, such as the Msgina.dll file to get the entire Windows 8 look on XP, but it’s sure as hell worth it.

Joack from DeviantArt put a lot of work into this shell theme and I am already looking forward to his next update (I’m still running Windows XP 64-bit on my old laptop for traditional reasons 😉

Download XP Theme

You can download the Windows 8 theme here. Again, it’s a theme for XP, not for Vista or Windows 7!

If you have problems installing the Windows 8 themes, please read our new tutorial: How to install Windows 8 themes

The author gave us the following installation instructions:

  • First , unzip the compressed files to C:\windows\resources\themes
  • In Theme Patcher Run the Patcher.exe of your SP ( look at proprerties ) AND RESTART YOUR COMPUTER, it’s imperative for have themes.
  • Double click for run the Aero W8 x32 or Aero W8 x48.theme (Icons 32×32 or 48×48) and chose your color.

Let us know if you have problems or if you want us to publish your own theme (inspired by Windows 8) on this site.

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