New Windows 8 Roadmap – Windows 8 Milestone 2 Completed?

A new Windows 8 roadmap by ZDNet Windows expert Mary-Jo Foley gives us a nice little summary of the current state of Windows 8. Rumor has it that Microsoft has completed work on Windows 8 Milestone 2.

Windows 8 Roadmap Milestone 3
Image Source: ZDNet Microsoft Blog

According to the roadmap, Windows 8 M2 is now about to be completed and Microsoft will start working on M3 Milestone 3 as soon as next week (Februrary 28th).

Of course, roadmaps are highly speculative and no one knows for sure how long Microsoft will need to complete M3. If it takes half a year to complete M3, there will be a community technology preview for internal testing purposes. Afterwards, there will be two public beta phases and the RC. We then come to the conclusion that Windows 8 could hit the stores in mid-2012.

So far, we have no word on Windows 8 from Microsoft. Nothing, no comment on M2 or the current development. Maybe they will shed some light on Windows 8 aka when we get closer to 2012.

I am personally hoping for a release date in late 2012. Windows 7 is still relatively new and I would like to see a Service Pack that includes some new features (the just released Windows 7 SP1 does not include any significant features) instead of upgrading yet again.

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