New Windows 8 Blog: Why We Don’t Talk About Windows 8 (Yet)

Microsoft started a new blog to discuss the development of Windows 8 called “Building Windows 8”. They reveal that Windows 8 is going to be a revolution, but they haven’t talked much about it, because they first need to gain more confidence in the “product”.
Windows 8 Blog

The blog can be reached at

Steven Sinofsky President of the Windows Division at Microsoft has quite a few words to say about Windows 8. Microsoft wants to reimagine Windows and revolutionize the mobile and desktop PC industry with Windows 8.

A lot has changed since Windows 95, Sinofsky states, so much that a complete overhaul of Windows is necessary.

Sinofsky mentions that there is a lot to discover for IT pros, gamers, developers and end users alike.

We won’t talk about Windows 8 until we know what we talk about

He also explains why Microsoft have not talked a lot about Windows 8 recently. They want to increase confidence that they know what they talk about, before they talk about it.

That’s what I would definitely call a smart move!

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