New Windows 8 Aero Themes for Windows 7!

Make sure to download our Windows 8 themes for Windows 7! Here’s yet another Windows 8 theme, this time an Aero theme for Windows 7.

Windows 8 Windows 7 Themes


New Aero Themes

– space reserved for new Windows 8 themes –

Aero Lite Windows 8 M3 Theme

The Windows 8 Aero Lite Theme is a green Aero shell theme. Supposedly, this theme is using the original font used by Windows 8 M3. It’s also an exact copy of the current M3 theme. Unfortunately, the Aero effect is practically non-existent, but if you want an exact copy of the build M3, this is your theme:

Windows 8 Aero Themes for Windows 7

Windows 8 Aero Themes for Windows 7

You can download the theme from, a Russian website with regular Windows news:

Download Theme

We’ll keep you posted when we get our hands on the Windows 8 theme that is being used in the early Windows 8 version that is currently sent out to selected OEM partners.

Download More Windows 8 Themes

If you are currently creating any Windows 8 themes, let us know. Also make sure to submit your themes to our site and we will feature them, including a link to your site or DA profile.

Some new Windows 8 shell themes for Windows 7 can be downloaded later this month. For now, check out the themes here: Windows 8 themes for Windows 7

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