New Version Windows 8 RT (ARM) Will Inspire A Myriad Collection Of Devices

Your PC is about to get turned on its head and innovated on, thanks to Windows 8 RT, which is the official name for Windows 8 on ARM.
Windows 8 RT will give birth to myriad device forms

Windows 8 RT Will Be The Base Of A Lot of Different PCs

Now that Windows is finally available on ARM, the PC as we have known it so far will never be the same again. ARM’s mobile chips and the SoC built around those chips will ensure that OEM’s and innovators get to experiment as much as they want with Windows 8 RT.

RT, which stands for RunTime and is basically the pure, distilled Metro UI that will run on ARM chips, will be distributed directly to manufacturers and will not be sold retail. It will basically not be sold directly to users of any kind.
Windows 8 running on ARM will have one major effect — it will produce thinner, lighter and more battery efficient devices that will run for a very long time. Microsoft themselves talked about how Windows RT will fuel innovation in this space and come up with PCs like never possible before.

RT will not include support for legacy apps that need the traditional desktop. But that does not mean you will be left without tools. Microsoft has already promised that there will be touch based Office on Windows 8 RT and developers are already being roped in by Microsoft to make more apps for the platform. Which means by the time you have the opportunity to buy one of these Windows 8 RT devices, the options for software tools will be quite expanded.

For regular consumers who are only looking for greater portability, cheaper price, better looks and better battery life — Windows 8 RT in many cases would theoretically win hands down. The only thing working in Intel’s favor right now (and also AMD’s for that matter) is that you need their x86 chips to run legacy apps. This would be very important for businesses. But for the common masses, it would not matter much. As a result, Windows 8 RT has the chance to be quite disruptive in the market.

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