New Metro Features: How to turn the Switch List Bar On Or Off in Windows 8?

If you want to know how to turn the Switch List Bar On or Off in Windows 8, go through this tutorial.

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What is Switch List Bar?

Switch List Bar is a very important and useful feature in Windows 8. While you are working with multiple metro apps you need to switch between different apps. Switch List Bar helps a lot to perform that job. Not only that from Switch List Bar you can also close a metro app or can snap the metro app in the left or right side of the screen. To open Switch List Bar press and hold the Windows key and then press the TAB key. After that by tapping the TAB key cycle through the list of the opened apps. Select the app you want to view from the list and release the Windows key to switch to the app. Tough this is a cool feature, you may still want to turn this feature off to reduce some graphics load or because of any other reasons. This tutorial will show how to turn the Switch List bar on or off for your user account in Windows 8.
Switch List Bar
Follow the steps to turn the Switch List Bar On or Off in Windows 8.

Steps to enable or disable Secure Logon in Windows 8

1. Press (Windows + C) to open the Windows Charms bar and then click on Settings option.
Charms Screen
2. Now, click on More PC Settings option.
More Settings
3. PC Settings metro window will open. Click on General on the left side panel.
Click on General
4. Now, on the right side panel, move the slider under App switching to the left to turn Off Switch List Bar feature.

Turn App Switching Off
5. To turn Switch List Bar on, move the slider under App switchingoption to the right.

Turn App Switching On

These are the steps to turn the Switch List Bar On or Off in Windows 8.

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