New Gigabyte Windows 8 Tablet Comes With A Speaker Dock

Gigabyte has unveiled a new Windows 8 tablet to add to the posse of brand new Windows 8 devices out there and it comes with its own speaker dock.

Gigabyte Introduces S1802 Windows 8 tablet

Windows 8 Tablet From Gigabyte Out With Speaker Dock

Gigabyte calls it the S1082 — a Windows 8 tablet with a dual-core processor, 10.1inch touchscreen and a spacious 500GB HDD-based storage. But if it is speed you are looking for, there’s also an option for 256 SSD storage instead.

This is not the first tablet in this line though. The S1802 succeeds the S1801, which also came with its own speaker dock. It was based on Intel-Atom with a similar configuration. The docks bundled with these tablets are not just simple speakers. They contain a DVD drive, two speakers and a subwoofer. Once you take these in to account, you realize the S1802 is quite focused on personal entertainment. The docks are optional of course.

Gigabyte has future plans for this tablet that include more optional accessories. For true mobile enjoyment, Gigabyte plans to launch a second battery kit that will give the tablet a nice 12 hours long battery life. There are also plans for making an option keyboard kit for making the whole kit complete.

Other numbers include a 1366×768 pixel resolution, an onboard SD card reader, USB, LAN, D-SUB, HDMI and 3.5G. The weight varies from 790g to 850g depending on the variation, assuming that the 850g would be extra heft from an HDD storage.


The prices have not been officially mentioned but word on streets is that the range will start from $599 and go up to $799. It is definitely one of the better prices for Windows 8 gear that we have seen so far. A company spokesperson said Gigabyte is going to reveal a new tablet next year (possibly at CES in January) but did not give out any more details.

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