New Asus Vivo Tablets Run Windows 8, Come In Two Models

Asus has taken the drapes of its Vivo Windows 8 tablets, signaling the start of an avalanche of tablets once Windows 8 is officially launched.

Asus unveils Asus Vivo tab at IFA Berlin, runs on Windows 8

Asus Shows Off New Windows 8 Tablets At IFA, Berlin

The Asus Vivo Tab is a notebook/tablet hybrid device that will be running Windows 8 once it comes out next month. It has a Transformer like form factor that has the main tablet device connecting to a keyboard dock to form a netbook. It will be running a full version of Windows 8, meaning it is an x86 device. But then other than that little nugget of information, hardware details on the Vivo are still hard to come by. Enthusiasts will have to wait till Windows 8 launches to get the full detail on each such device.

The build quality of the Vivo seems to be quite good, with a brushed metal finish on both the tablet/display unit and the keyboard dock. The tablet is on the larger side at 11.6inches diagonal and at about 657grams it is also heavier than your average tablet. But despite the size and weight, Asus has managed to keep the profile to a nice 8.7mm thickness, which makes it look lighter than it actually is.

Asus has tied up with Wacom to provide a digitzer stylus with each Vivo, making a promise of a “more natural writing experience”. This was not available for testing at the IFA event but the 1366×768 HD display was deemed to be quite good. The screen has a glossy finish, which might cause glare problems under bright sunlight.

The tablet will be coming with 32GB onboard storage and will be able to run for 13hours on a single charge (which seems to indicate an ARM processor but then it won’t run full Windows 8 on ARM). The keyboard dock will come with its own battery to provide extra juice when plugged in. The launch will happen in October around the official Windows 8 launch and it will likely be priced around the $1,000 range.

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