Networking: How to Join A HomeGroup in Windows 8

You have multiple computers at home? Here’s how you would set up a homegroup and/or join one.
How to Join HomeGroup in Windows 8

What Is A HomeGroup?

One of the latest features that was introduced with the release of Microsoft Windows 7 and which is now carried forward to Windows 8 as well is HomeGroup. In earlier versions of Windows, for example Windows Vista, you were only allowed to choose the network locations which used to control the security of your computers while using internet.

These network locations were Home, Work and Public. However with the release of Windows 7 HomeGroup feature was also added using which users can create a small home network to share data between other home computers. Because of its easy-to-configure wizard it is quite user friendly and can easily be configured by home users.

The HomeGroup feature is also included with Windows 8 and is easily configurable. The only requirement while creating or joining a HomeGroup in Windows 8 is that it should have IPv6 IP Address assigned on it.

You can follow the instructions below to join HomeGroup in Windows 8.

1 Logon to Windows 8 computer to which IPv6 IP Address is assigned and is connected to the network where a HomeGroup has already been created.
2 Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel.
Click on Control Panel
3 On the opened Window click on HomeGroup from the left pane and from the right pane type in the password of the HomeGroup you want to join and click on Join button.
Provide Password and Click on Join Button
4 Close Control Panel Window.

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