Networking: How to connect to a hidden network in Windows 8 (hide SSID!)

Preview Hidden Network Thumb Connecting to hidden networks is easy to do and more secure than broadcasting your SSID

Sometimes when the network SSID broadcast is turned off then the network name wont appear on your Wireless Network Connection list. In that case you will have to connect to the hidden network manually. In this tutorial you will learn how to connect to a hidden network

Steps to connect to hidden network

1. First of all, open the Charms bar by moving your mouse pointer over the right corner of your screen. Alternatively you may press Windows key + C on Start screen to open Charms bar. Then select Search.

search hidden network

2. Next, type ‘network’ in the search box and click on the search button. Then click on the Network icon on the left side of the pane.

network hidden network

3. Next, click on the Network and Sharing Center.

network sharing network

4. Next, click on the ‘Set up a new connection or network’.

setup hidden network

5. Next, select ‘Manually connect to a wireless network’ and click on the Next button.

manually connect network

6. Next, provide the network details you want to connect. Make sure you obtain these details from the network provider to whom you are connecting. Then click on the Next button.

specify details network

7. Finally, the network is added. Then click on the Close button. That are the complete steps to connect to hidden network in Windows 8..

done hidden network


In some cases some networks are kept hidden for security purpose. SSID’s should not be broadcasted for security reasons. It’s more secure to connect manually

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