Movie Editing: The Windows 8 Movie Maker Users Gain Video Stabilization

Microsoft has been busy on all fronts — soon after the release of the Windows 8 RTM build to manufacturers, it has begun updating the sundry about certain additions to the free downloadable applications that previously used to bear the name Live.

Windows Movie Maker gets video stabilization on Windows 8

Windows Movie Maker Gets Advanced Video And Audio Features On Windows 8

Microsoft has recently stopped using the ‘Live’ branding on its free downloadable apps Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. And it has started adding features to these apps instead. The latest news from Microsoft on this front tells us of a new Video Stabilization feature on Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a free consumer-friendly video-editing app that is meant to make video editing accessible to even the most technologically challenged user. And it looks like it is gaining some advancements that are usually reserved for more professional editing software.

These two apps are part of the Windows Essentials package and they will work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, according to Microsoft’s program manager the apps will gain more features on Windows 8.

Windows Movie Maker for instance will gain a new video stabilization button. This feature will allow the user to correct video footage for wobbles and provides anti-shake measures to correct it. And given the amount of video we end up shooting on teeny tiny hand held cameras and our cellphones, this is going prove extremely handy indeed. Despite its appearance on the Windows Movie Maker, the technology is still quite a task for computers to handle. It takes power computers running high-end video editing software quite a bit of time to stabilize video. To prove the efficacy of this feature, hence, Microsoft has posted a video on the original post —

The new features don’t stop there. Windows Movie Maker also has new audio features. It now allows you to record voice-over narrations and gives you access to licensed background music. That last bit was made possible through Microsoft’s recent partnership with AudioMicro, Free Music Archive and also the Vimeo Music Store.

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