More Shortcuts: Create Metro Apps Shortcuts in Windows 8!

This tutorial will help you to create Metro Apps Shortcut on your real desktop in WINDOWS 8.

Metro Apps Shortcut Image

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with lots of charming features, also some changes over its predecessors, i.e., the Developers Preview version. The main speciality of Windows 8 is it’s Metro Applications. You may like many Metro Applications as they are amazing. Microsoft not only give various games within these applications, but also many other required applications such as Reader,


SkyDrive,Calendar, Camera etc. Thus it reduces the need of most of third party applications. All these applications are by default available at the Metro User Interface in the Start Menu . But there is also another way to open these applications. You can directly open those applications from the Desktop if needed. This tutorial will guide you to that way.

1. Right click on the WINDOWS 8 Desktop-> Go to New-> Select Shortcut.

Find Shortcut

2. The Location Field Command of Create Shortcut will appear on the desktop. In the space provided, type the following text

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Command of Shortcut

3. Click Next. Change the shortcut name to Metro Apps.

Rename Shortcut

4. Click Finish. The Metro Apps Shortcut folder is being created on the WINDOWS 8 Desktop.

Metro Apps

5. Double click on the Metro Apps Shortcut Icon and find all the applications in it.

Preview Image

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