More Details On The Windows 8 Photos App

Windows 8 Photos App Homescreen The Photos app on Windows 8 recently got detailed in an post on the Building Windows 8 blog.

New Information Emerges Regarding Windows 8 Photos App

Those who have been trying out the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 have already become familiar with the four columned view of the native Photos app. It is a preview version that displays photos from local folders as we well as from Facebook, SkyDrive and also Flickr if you have connected the respective accounts. SkyDrive integration happens automatically of course. Coming to the Release Preview, Microsoft has enabled automatic archiving of photos to the cloud through the SkyDrive desktop app. This can happen in any OS that has a SkyDrive desktop app for it. We are guessing that would include Mac OS also.

One of the main problems solved by this app is collecting photos from various machines. As described by the post, for most users the problem is that their photos are scattered across multiple machines and not clouds. So the Photos app works through this by the SkyDrive desktop app integration. It can now also be used as the primary photo manager whenever you plugin a device containing photos such as a camera or a thumbdrive.

What that does is it enables the user to access these photos from any Windows 8 machine using the Photos app. The app can also now directly import photos and the share charm has become more universal and allows the user to send photos as email attachments or through SkyDrive as links. This is easy to do for both individual and multiple photos. The sharing charm and the respective apps do all the heavy lifting for you.

The original blog post also describes the default landscape orientation of the app because that is also the default orientation of Windows 8. It allows you to have a great view of your photos, whether zoomed in or as thumbnails.

More details and also a video introduction on the blog post —

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