More Details About Huawei’s Upcoming Windows Phone Handsets

The 6th largest handset maker of the world is planning to use Windows Phone 8 for their handsets — a senior executive from Huawei confirmed this with international news agency Reuters earlier this week.

Huawei planning Windows 8 tablets and phones

Huawei Looking To Make Its Own Line Of Handsets Using Windows Phone 8

Unknown to many, Huawei is in fact the world’s 6th largest mobile handset manufacturer. This fact is not all that apparent because they do not have a brand of their own. They manufacture phones for other companies and brands. But that’s about to change, given what the company had to say on the matter.

The Shenzhen, China based company is working on a new line of phones under its own name which it will use to increase its market share. It has also announced its plans to spend $200 million on advertising the products this year. Since it’s a relatively new name in the market, it will need extensive marketing to make itself known to the general consumer as a brand in mobile handsets. The budget and the plan was confirmed by Shao Yang who is the Chief Marketing officer of the Huawei Device division that is in charge of selling dongles, handsets and tablets.

The company is planning to use Windows Phone 8 as the platform for this expansion in to the market and it also has plans for making tablets using Windows 8. Instead of appealing to the entry level or the mid range market, Huawei has been targeting the high-end of late and this has resulted in an doubling of the average selling price of the company. Yang did not give out any details regarding these plans and figures.

Huawei has already been announced as one of the partners who would be making handsets for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 at launch. After HTC’s transformation from top OEM to a name brand, looks like Huawei’s trying to pull off the same act.

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