More About The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet

We have all seen it and been impressed by it and now it is time to get it to know it a little bit better — the Surface tablet from Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT Windows 8 Tablets

The Surface RT And The Surface Pro Tablets From Microsoft

The Differences

The Surface RT, as the name suggests, is made to run on ARM mobile processors with Windows RT on top. This tablet is the lightest and thinnest (9.3mm thin to be precise) of the two. It is also the closest match to an iPad, from a hardware perspective.

The Surface Pro is going to run regular Windows 8 on an Intel Ivy Bridge chip. It will also be heavier and thicker to accommodate the larger battery that is required by the Intel Chips to run the same number of hours. The Surface Pro will also have a Digitizer layer that the Surface RT won’t have. This will allow you to use a stylus directly on the screen similar to a Wacom Bamboo.

The Similarities

They will both be clad in a chassis called VaporMg, which is basically a magnesium aluminum alloy that makes for a strong but lightweight body. They will both have the ultrathin kickstand that everyone’s talking about. They will also have the Touch and Type cover options. The interface will be the same Metro in both with the Surface Pro having a full Desktop area thanks to the Intel chip and the Surface RT will likely have the limited Desktop that we keep hearing about.

The Covers

The ‘Touch’ cover is a thin touch-based cover that has a touch panel keyboard. These are not physical keys but that is what allows the cover to be extremely thin. If you want a proper keyboard, there’s the ‘Type’ cover that has actual keys. It is still pretty thin though, with only 1.3mm key travel on the keys.

The Price And Availability

Price is still an uncertainty with Microsoft just saying the Surface Pro would be priced similar to comparable UltraBooks and the Surface RT would be priced the same as comparable ARM tablets. They will both be available around the end of this year when Windows 8 is supposed to be released. It is safe to assume that Microsoft will try to make them available on the launch day but it was said the Surface Pro version will be delayed by three months after the Surface RT Launched.

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