Monitors Pixels: Change the Display DPI Size in Windows 7 or 8 To Get A Better Typography

You can make it easier to read text on a screen by changing the display DPI size – this works in Windows 7 or 8

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What is DPI?

DPI or dots per Inch is the measure of number of dots in a line per inch. Actually DPI is the spatial measure of video or printing dots. There are different types of DPI measurements such as DPI measurement in Monitor, DPI measurement in Printing, DPI measurement in Digital Image Files and Computer monitor DPIs.

Points are a physical unit of measure in typography dating to the days of printing presses, where 1 point is 1/72 of the international inch (25.4 mm). Therefore 1 point is approximately 0.0139 in or 352.8 µm. nowadays points have been replaced by pixels.

DPI in Monitor Resolution

Video displays are now rated in dot pitch. Dot pitch is nothing but the the spacing between the sub-pixel red, green and blue dots that make up the pixels themselves. In industrial purpose the “dot trio pitch” term is used. It the measurement of the distance between the centres of adjacent groups of three dots/rectangles/squares on the Computer screens. Monitors commonly use pitches of 0.39, 0.33, and 0.32mm etc.

DPI measurement in Printing

The DPI measurement of a Printing device must be higher than the PPI measurement of a video display in order to match the quality of the output. The colour range of each dots of a printer is limited. Therefore at each dot position, the simplest type of colour printer can print no dot, or a dot consisting of a fixed volume of ink in each of four colour channels, the colours being cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. Each pixel of a standard RGB monitor produces 256 intensities of light in each of three channels (RGB).

DPI Measurement in Digital Images

A digital image has no inherent physical dimensions to be measured in inches or centimetres. Some digital file formats record a DPI value, and some uses PPI value. This is used while printing the image. This helps the printer to learn the required size of the image. In the case of scanned images, the size of the original scanned object is taken into account.

Computer Monitor DPI Standards

In earlier days Apple and Macintosh used a 72 PPI resolution which had certain problems for viewing which was overcome by Windows by using 96 PPI.

Steps to How to Change the Display DPI Size

1. Right click on an empty area in the desktop and Go to Personalize. Personalize is not available in Windows 7 Home Basic.


2. To select a DPI size click on Display. In Windows 7 the available options are

  • Smaller – 100% = 96 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch)
  • Medium – 125% = 120 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch)
  • Larger – 150% = 144 DPI (Pixels/Dots Per Inch)
  • While in Windows 8 the available options are
  • Smaller-100% = 96 DPI(default).
  • Medium-125% = 120 DPI.


3. Select any one of your choice. Generally, the default is recommended.

Easier To Read

4. To set custom text size click on Set Custom Text Size.

Set Custom Text

5. Drag the scale with mouse or touch pad as per your requirement. Restart your machine to see the changed effect.

Custom TextSize Setting

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