Monitors: How do I change the screen resolution in Windows 8 (for XP users)

Preview Burn Thumb If you are new to Windows and don’t know how to properly change the screen resolution you better read this

You might have noticed that changing the screen resolution in Windows 8 works similar to previous Windows versions, but if you are not familiar with Windows 7 and you come from Windows XP here is a little guide for you

Steps to change the screen resolution

1. Click on the Desktop tile on the Home (Start) screen.

Desktop tile resolution

2. Next, right-click on the desktop and select Screen resolution.

Select screen resolution

3. Next, select the resolution in the resolution list box and click on the Apply button and then OK. That are the complete steps to change the screen resolution in Windows 8..

Select resolution


Windows 8 is a robust user friendly operating system. Although many features are new, changing the screen resolution still works similarly

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