Microsoft’s New Arsenal Of Mice And Keyboards Are Crucial To Windows 8 Success

They may have not been given their own due importance but the new mice and keyboards from Microsoft are quite important for Windows 8 to succeed in the markets.

Microsoft makes Wedge and Sculpt accessories official

New Mice And Keyboards Important For Windows 8 Success

It all started with the Surface tablet — where Microsoft showed off the distinctively flat new keyboards that are going to be available with the tablets. Whilst one is going to be a touch based keyboard that was extremely light, thin and portable; the other is going to have real keys but remain quite thin despite of it. It is unclear whether these technical marvels are going to be sold as part of the Surface bundle or are they going to be sold as separate accessories. Tech history shows us that most companies sell such things as a separate accessory, offering a bundled discount if purchased together at the very best.

And then Microsoft made announcements about the Wedge Mouse and Keyboard. The Wedge mouse is, well, a wedge-like wireless device with its inclined surface being touted for its four way touch based scrolling and its BlueTrack technology that allows the mouse to be used on a wide variety of surfaces. The mouse has intelligent power saving features where it goes into Backpack mode when it is paired over Bluetooth to a device in its power down state. This helps it save the AA batteries it has inside. It is priced at $69.95

The Wedge keyboard is also wireless and combined with the mouse, it is part of a mobile setup that Microsoft will be selling. It runs on AAA batteries. It also has a mildly inclined wedge like design and is a fully featured keyboard with media keys and dedicated hot keys meant for Windows 8 operations. It connects via Bluetooth and has a snap on cover to protect it from the travel storage. It is priced at $79.95

Microsoft also has another pair of accessories called Sculpt keyboard and Sculpt Touch Mouse — a pair of mouse and keyboard that are designed with ergonomic swoops in them to make them more comfortable for the users. These are intended as permanent installations at Windows 8 desktops but are also quite mobile.

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