Microsoft Working On Its Own Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Device

After upsetting its hardware partners with the Surface series of Windows 8 tablets, word on the streets is that they are also working on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone device.

Microsoft to launch its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Microsoft Is Developing Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

Microsoft has already upset a lot of its hardware partners once by making its own Windows 8 tablets called the Surface and Surface RT (for the two different versions of Windows 8). Now it seems like they are also going to be selling their own Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Just like the tablets, this will be an in house hardware product that will carry the Microsoft branding rather than one of its partners.

Two separate web sources — China Times and WpCentral have put forth details of the rumor. According to them, the phone is alive and well deep within Microsoft’s labs and the company has apparently already begun testing the phones out. But the reports do not carry any information beyond that.

One of the reports simply said that their source of this information did not reveal anything about the smartphone’s design, specifications etc. but said it is something completely unique when compared to the existing Windows Phone hardware in the market. That means one thing — Nokia is in big trouble. But that is besides the point at the moment.

Another report from China Times suggests that the phone has been in existence for over four months now and the company has plans for releasing it in the first half of 2013. So the other makers at least get to have a head start in to the race. However, if Microsoft is really making something completely different from the rest, the results will still be bad for the rest of the Windows Phone 8 makers.

Microsoft’s decision to this probably based on the importance of turning Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as a whole in to a success. So they are not leaving anything up to their partners and making the phone themselves with exactly the things that they want to it to have. But it looks like we will have to wait for almost one more year till we get to know what’s so special about this phone, if anything at all.

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