Microsoft Will Update Flash On Windows 8 “Shortly”

After saying the Flash update will come out around the launch time in October, Microsoft has reconsidered and announced that it will deliver the Flash update to its Windows 8 users shortly.

Microsoft will update Flash on Windows 8 IE10 very soon

Windows 8 IE10 Flash Update Coming Soon, Says Microsoft

Windows 8 users will no longer be tied down by the lack of a Windows 8 update for the Flash component inside IE10. Microsoft has now promised it will be updating the Flash inside IE10 shortly’, changing a decision announced earlier that said the update would come around the same time as the Windows 8 general availability. There was a general upheaval against this decision and it looks like Microsoft does not want to take any chances right before the official launch, which is a good thing for its users.

According to a email statement released to tech reporters, Microsoft is working closely with Adobe to integrate the latest security update to Flash in to its IE10 browser for Windows 8. For those of you who don’t know, IE10 carries Flash as a built in component and is completely plug-in free. But this also means Microsoft has to get involved to update Flash each time Adobe pushes one out.

Even though the risk is very real, it was blown out of proportions in some of the reports that overlooked the basic built-in security features of Windows 8. Other than the built in anti-virus, the Metro side of Windows 8 only allows specific whitelisted websites to run Flash. Otherwise it is blocked automatically, thereby reducing the risk. The users who are really at risk are the ones who are using the Desktop side of Windows 8. And for them, this update is finally going to fix the vulnerability.

This incident will also give more steam to the advocates of a Flash-free Internet, highlighting the potential security risks involved. This vision is now supported by all three major players – Apple, Google and Microsoft – but it will take some time to come about. As standards change and HTML5 becomes more complete, Flash will fade out gradually.

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