Microsoft vs. Apple: Why Windows 8 Is Better Than iOS

Written by: Shailpik Biswas - Published: Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 - Comments

Windows 8 represents several changes to the way we approach personal computing and it is in many ways better than Apple’s iOS that powers the iPhone and the iPad.
Windows 8 Vs iOS (iPad, iPhone)

Why Your Windows 8 Device Will Be Better Than The iPad Or The iPhone

Starting Off

Both Windows 8 and the iOS start off with a screen that displays applications that you have installed on the system. But Windows 8 does a better job of displaying them and allowing you to organize, re-order and navigate, especially with Semantic Zoom. The iOS is still stuck with shiny 3D icons and very non-optimized organizing.

Additionally on Windows 8, you can pin almost anything you like to the Start Screen — contacts, web-pages and more. The live tiles will give you real-time updates if your pinned item requires it. Social network updates, new posts — anything.

Better Gestures

Even the iOS and Apple as a whole introduced complex touch gestures to the mainstream, Windows 8 takes them to the next level. You can easily multi-task with gestures on Windows 8 and switch between apps. Whilst this is true for the Mac OS, the iOS requires you to press the home button.

More Social

The People App on Windows 8 is perhaps one of the best new developments on Windows 8 when it comes to updating the age-old address book. Google’s Android started this trend and many phone manufacturers tried their hand at it but Microsoft finally gets it right. It puts everything from one contact — chats, emails, text messages, social network updates and information — in one place for you to go through. Adapted from what we are already using on Windows phone, this is definitely one of the best ways to keep track of your friends and family.

Faster Access To Important Functions

The swiping action on Windows 8 to bring out the ‘Charms’ is a much faster way of accessing system settings and other important functions than what is possible on iOS. In Apple’s world, you will have to quit the current app and go to settings in order to make necessary changes.

There’s a lot more to be talked about here but the bottom line remains the same — Windows 8 has out-innovated the iOS. So if you are trying to make up your mind, take a look at the free to download and use Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It’s rough around the edges but the potential is quite obvious.

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Written by: Shailpik Biswas
Shailpik is into all sorts of mobile devices, Mac and loves to write about it.

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