Microsoft Updates SkyDrive For Windows 8 With Better Syncing And Additional Features

SkyDrive’s client application for Windows 8 has been upgraded along with the client for Mac OS X to build 16.4.4111.0525 adding better syncing capabilities and better integration in cae of Windows 8.

windows 8 skydrive client app improved

Windows 8 Gets Better SkyDrive Client App

The newly upgraded SkyDrive client app for Windows 8 bring better syncing along with bugfixes and better user experience. It also improves on integration with Windows 8 and especially addresses integration with photos on Windows 8. The update also improves on performance and takes out quirks that hindered a smooth user experience.

The photo manager integration in the SkyDrive app for Windows 8 is quite likely the single biggest change in the application. The new features makes sure that once a user logs in to Windows 8 with a Microsoft ID aka Windows Live ID, the photo manager will use images from the SkyDrive account associaed with that ID.

Other changes include an increase in the maximum number of files that can be stored on Skydrive. From the previous 150,000 it went straight to 10 million. Which is a huge jump. The new app has also improved the reliability of syncing and has faster folder update times. Microsoft had lowered the 25GB free space to 7 GB but they had also increased the maximum individual file size to 2GB. And buying more space is not expensive at all.

As for Mac users, the persistent SkyDrive icon has been removed permanently from the view.

Those already running SkyDrive, this update will be made automatically. You will not have to do anything extra except to ensure that SkyDrive is running. If you want to check the version number of the app you are running to check for the upgrade, you can do so by right-clicking on the SkyDrive icon on the system tray and choosing ‘Settings’ from the context menu. You are looking to see the number 16.4.4111.0525. For those who don’t have SkyDrive, you can get the app here —

If you already have a Windows Live ID, you already have SkyDrive. So just get the app.

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