Microsoft Treats Swedes With Pop-Up Windows 8 Store

Microsoft and Intel put up joint Windows 8 showroom in Stockholm, Sweden As per the initial retail strategy for Windows 8, Microsoft has put up pop-up stores in Sweden to satiate Surface-seeking Swedes.

Sweden Gets Pop-Up Windows 8 Store

Microsoft and Intel have joined hands to open a showroom in Stockholm, Sweden, to showcase Wintel products such as the Microsoft Suface tablet running on the brand new Windows 8 OS. Since Windows 8 has not received that much love from retailers in the country, the companies have decided to take matters in to their own hands and spread the message in a more visible way. The timing is of course very clearly dictated by the swelling up of the holiday spirits that fuel mass shopping spree in the European countries just as they do in the US.

According to a public statement released by Microsoft, the store is but the “natural step” that comes next on its Windows 8 campaign. Microsoft has so far been successfully running a lot of ads in the European markets including Sweden and there has been a lot of presence of Windows 8 laptops in stores. However, the tablets are the ones that need more love, attention and sales.

Even two months after the launch of Windows 8 Sweden seems to lack a proper selection in terms of tablets. And interestingly enough, Surface tablets are conspicuously missing in the showroom. Of course, Intel wouldn’t allow ARM-based Surface RT tablets to be shown off at its co-branded store but then even the Surface Pros are not to be easily found in Sweden. Microsoft is trying its best to deliver the other Windows 8 tablets from the likes of HP, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and Asus to the country in time for the holidays to start.

This showroom is just for display and hands on experience though. The sales will be handled by local online retailer Dustin, who has set up booths at the showroom itself. It is not clear why Microsoft is not selling directly but the official word on Microsoft’s Swedish presence is that the availability situation of Microsoft products in Sweden is “getting better every day”.

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