Microsoft To Release Training Videos For Teaching Windows 8 To Users

Windows users will be treading unknown territory when they start off on Windows 8 for the first time and to guide them better, Microsoft seems to have prepared some training videos.

Microsoft preparing explanation videos for Windows 8 for users

Windows 8 To Come With Copious Training Videos

Microsoft will be doing some hand holding with Windows 8 because the users really need to be taught how the new system works. The company seems to be very aware of this and recently leaked training videos show as much. Switching to Windows 8 from any of the previous versions of Windows is going to be disorienting experience. Some of the fundamental workflows are gone because there’s no such thing as a Start button and Start Menu anymore. And users will definitely want to know how to wrap their head around the ‘new’ interface AKA the Metro interface. Although officially it’s called the Windows 8 interface now.

According to Microsoft Windows focus site Neowin the company has already started training sellers and others who are part of the ecosystem on how to use the OS. And a few demo videos for Windows 8 have leaked and they too cover the basic tenets of Windows 8. One of these videos covers the basics of the Start Screen and calls it the “customizable hub for everything you do”. The video takes the viewer through opening various desktop tiles through the touchscreen, swiping through various active apps and also multitasking using two apps on the screen at the same time (a feature called ‘Snap’).

Yet another video describes how one would go about customizing their desktop experience. How each tile can be resized, repositioned, removed, added and also grouped. They call it “your personal bulletin board”, which makes a lot of sense. The third leaked video talks about charms and their role in the OS.

These videos seem to be a response to feedback from early adopters who have said the new interface may be difficult to understand for new users. This is especially because there are just so many fundamental changes in navigation, organizing, information flow and more.

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