Microsoft To Give New Windows 8 PCs, Tablets And Phones To All 94,000 Employees

As of last week, Microsoft has been distributing brand new Windows 8 PCs, Surface tablets and Phones to all 94,000 of its employees.

Windows 8 PCs, Tablets and phones being given away by Microsoft to all employees

Microsoft To Supply Windows 8 Devices To All Of Its Employees

It’s a good time to be a Microsoft employee, now that the Redmond based tech giant has announced its plans to distribute Windows 8 devices to all its employees. And its not like they are going to be upgrading all their office computers to Windows 8 (which they will be doing anyway) but it’s more like new tablets, PCs and Phones for everybody in Microsoft. That’s a staggering total of 94,000 (for the approximate number of full time employees) times three for the three different devices, equaling to about 282,000 new devices. That’s enough to support entire populations of small cities around the world with everybody and their grandma owning a Windows 8 device.

Steve Ballmer confirmed this news at a company meeting earlier last week and said that it was important to mark this historical moment for Microsoft by upgrading all their employees to the revolutionary new platform. According to him, it would help them become more productive and also be great evangelists for the new platform. So all their work computers will be replaced with a Windows 8 PC and they will get a new Windows 8 Phone and Microsoft Surface RT tablet to go along with it.

Windows 8 is all set to launch this October and it is going to be one of the most crucial launches that Microsoft has ever done. In fact, it might actually be the most crucial because it ties in the fate of not only the PC but also the smartphone and the tablet — the 3 devices that rule the consumer electronics market at the moment.

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