Microsoft selling Windows 7 Real Estate – Windows 8 too?

Microsoft decided to sell the Windows 7 desktop to big companies like Porsche, Coca Cola and Infinity.
Basically they allow advertisers to use the desktop for commercial purposes. New gadgets, themes, screensaver and more will turn your desktop into a Porsche desktop. That’s a great way to establish a brand or drive traffic to a website.

I am convinced that this can be another great revenue stream for Microsoft. Will they integrate even better ideas into Windows 8?

I could imagine that Microsoft will finance open source projects in the near future by selling virtual real estate.
It’s a win-win situation: End-users get what they want, more desktop themes and fun stuff for their desktop and Microsoft is getting more revenue.

Of course there will always be naysayers, but people like innovative advertising models. Ingame-advertising is pretty successful and growing steadily.

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