Microsoft Says Windows 8 On ARM Will Arrive On Time

Windows 8 Arm_thumb.jpg 1Microsoft tried to dispel some of the fear around Windows on ARM (WoA) and has issued a statement that says the version is on track.

WoA Will Arrive As Scheduled: Microsoft

Microsoft has said that the ARM version of the upcoming Windows 8, whose Consumer Preview build (Public Beta) was released this Wednesday, is making the same progress as the x86 version. Windows on ARM will not be available to the general public but will be given to manufacturers directly for installing on ARM devices. It is much like how Windows CE is sold and WoA will in fact replace Windows CE eventually.

If Microsoft really is progressing at the rate they say they are, both versions of the OS should ready by around Fall this year as per observations made by experts and analysts alike.

During the launch of the Consumer Preview, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky said that the new Windows is designed to scale itself according to the need of the user, highlighting cross-platform nature of Windows 8. The new OS will run on everything from Desktops to laptops, netbooks, tablets, phones and everything in between. Users will hence learn one interface and use it across everything else.

The demonstrations on Wednesday showed how Windows would run on ARM through a reference design. They also showed how a user might use a combination of touch and conventional keyboard/mouse to use the OS.

Microsoft also talked about distributing reference designs to developers so that they can have apps ready by the time Windows 8 hits the shelves.

With all this emphasis on ARM development, Windows 8 should launch amidst a lot of support from the manufacturers in the forms of tablets and hybrid devices that have both touchscreens and physical keyboards. For the general user, this advanced preparation would mean a great variety of devices to choose from regardless of the form factor or factors they are looking in to. With Apple’s innovation taking a back seat, it looks like the world is about to witness the coming of yet another new age in computing.

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