Microsoft Releases Ads For Windows 8 Surface

After releasing Ads for Windows 8 overall earlier this week, Microsoft has started a separate campaign for its Surface tablets.

Microsoft releases ads for Surface tablets

Surface Tablets Get Their Own Ads

As October 26th gets ever closer, there’s a lot of anticipation building up in the tech community about Windows 8 and it is now reaching the greater masses also thanks to the ad campaigns that Microsoft has started. Earlier this week we saw the Windows 8 commercials go live and now Microsoft has also started off with a special campaign just for the Surface tablet devices. See below for the ads.

Windows 8 is a bold new step for the makers of the world’s most-used operating system. It is a complete makeover for the OS and it also marks Microsoft’s foray in to the fast changing mobile landscape. And since it is such a new thing, Microsoft requires to spread the message as far and wide amongst consumers as possible.

With the decline in PC sales looking more and more irreversible, it is important for Microsoft as a company to make its way in to the mobile market before it is out grips completely. Windows 8 theoretically is a very intelligent move because it ties everything in to one platform. However, it is still too early to tell whether the market will think so too. Consumers at large are famous for making decisions that baffle even the most seasoned analyst.

The Surface ad is far more energetic than last year’s PC ads and targets a broader (and a somewhat younger) audience with its Dubstep-influenced score complete with that locking and popping beatboy from the movie Step Up 3. The other videos are also equally energetic and highlight the sleek design of the Surface tablets. Seems like Microsoft is finally trying to break the boring corporate and loving family image for something more, for lack of a better word, hip. And that is a good thing because that mantle has so far been taken up by Apple every time. More options usually mean better products.

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