Microsoft Promises Less Intrusive Update Reboot System for Windows 8

Nearly everybody who has used Windows operating systems will have seen the annoying automatic restart messages on the bottom right corner of your screen. These messages come up almost anytime and can get quite irritating. Microsoft recently announced that it is working on a new system to make such notifications less intrusive.

Windows 8 Update Restart Notification

If you have the Windows Automatic Update setting turned on, your PC or laptop will download updates whenever they are made available by Microsoft. Some of these updates require your system to be restarted so that they can be installed. System messages will pop-up which say that Windows needs to restart your system and there is an option to postpone the restart by a maximum of 4 hours. There is no doubt that many of these updates are essential for the security of your system but these messages can hinder your ability to work which can be quite disruptive, not to mention irritating. The reason behind the reboots is that the security updates provided by Microsoft need to alter a few system files which are being used by core processes and which can be altered only during boot time, which makes it necessary for Windows to keep asking you to reboot and force reboot itself.

Patch Tuesday Concept

Microsoft is trying to iron out the kinks present in Windows 7 so that Windows 8 provides the ultimate user experience. A big problem with Windows 7 is that you have to restart the system many times a week due to these updates. Sometimes, many users have reported leaving their systems unattended for a few hours, only to come back and find their unsaved work lost because Windows rebooted the system in the meantime.

In Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced the Patch Tuesday concept which basically means that all updates will be released on the second Tuesday of every month. Once the updates have been downloaded, a notification will be seen on the log-on screen which will give you 3 days to reboot your PC manually. Windows will reboot your system on its own at the end of 3 days if the updates haven’t been installed.

Other changes in Windows Update features

According to Microsoft, the new Windows Update system will not show the restart notification if you are actively working on the system, instead, it will wait for when the system is idle for a period of time to display the notification to reboot. In the event that a critical update has been downloaded, Windows will install the update anyway and defer the reboot.

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