Microsoft Preparing New Strategy To Help Sell Windows Apps Ahead Of Windows 8 Launch

Microsoft has unveiled a new strategy for selling more apps from the Windows store as the industry prepares itself for the upcoming Windows 8 launch.

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Microsoft To Change Its Profit Sharing To Help Sell More Apps On Windows Store

Microsoft is rethinking its strategy for selling Windows Apps and is planning to offer more incentives to app developers and designers for joining the Windows 8 bandwagon. At the very entry point, Microsoft is offering more of a share to app sellers than its competitors Google and Apple. This is especially true for apps that cross a total sales value of $25,000, which will permanently increase that apps profit share for the app seller.

Additionally, Microsoft offers an incentive to sellers if users buy apps that they have recommended. This is the new addition made by Microsoft that is not offered by either Google or Apple. There’s no information available on this new profit share incentive as both vendors participating in this scheme and Microsoft have declined to comment on the matter.

This information was posted on Digitimes and quoted a source that is to just recommend apps and not actually sell them. So it looks like Microsoft is leaning more towards an affiiate structure where certain big name brands are allowed to participate. Affliate marketing is nothing new in the industry. People are making big money off big retailers like Amazon and there are large affiliate networks like CommissionJunction that syndicate affiliate marketing for multiple online retailers.

The report on Digitimes talks about vendors who attract customers to buying apps through recommendations and assistance in app management. That sounds like at technical description of a vendor curating apps independently and recommending certain apps to its users. It can be like a website that reviews Windows Apps and earns commissions from Microsoft when an App is sold.

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