Microsoft Is Working On A Visually Pleasing Advertising System For Windows Phone

Microsoft wants to make its Windows Phone stand out in every aspect and that includes advertising as well, which the Redmond based company wants to be visually pleasing.

Example of in-app advertising for Windows 8

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Microsoft is working on an advertising SDK for Windows Phone that will allow developers to post advertisements within Windows Phone Applications themselves. It has made a post on its advertising blog that uses an application for the Seattle Sounders soccer team as an example of the new advertising model. It is a normal Windows 8 Metro style app that spans across horizontally with its tiles and has to be scrolled sideways to be accessed fully. Within this app, an ad is placed on the extreme right hand corner, which can only be seen when the user scrolls all the way to the right. This example uses an Adidas shoe ad that takes the user to a shopping site when clicked. And this landing page also has a back button to take the user back to the app.

The Windows Phone has “the potential of Windows 8 to deliver rich, brand-safe ad experiences that will add value to consumers and increase engagement opportunities for marketers,” says Microsoft on the blog post.

In order to realize this dream, Microsoft has commissioned the services of six ad agencies. They have been given the responsibility of coming up with ideas and designs that will help create a new standard for advertising on mobile phones. It will also be well equipped to achieve everything that marketers’ want from such a platform. However, its end goal is to please the audience and engage the consumer with a visually pleasing experience, creating a win-win situation.

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