Microsoft Explains Metro Tiles In Windows 8

Microsoft explains Windows 8 Metro Tiles in more detail and shows how they can be useful in a desktop scenario.
Microsoft explains more about Metro Tiles

Insight In To Windows 8 Metro Tiles

The tiles on the Start Screen in Windows 8 are all about the visual impact on the user and making things easier on mobile devices. However, they can also be extremely useful for desktop users who have never used anything like it before. Microsoft recently made a blog post about it, detailing how the whole system works for the betterment of user experience.

Visual cue is one of the greatest things for the Metro. Users will not only see the graphics on the Metro tiles but also their bold colors. Forming color and spatial associations will help users to spot things faster.

The self-updating nature of the tile has already been discussed before but it bears repeating that they will help you stay connected and updated without actually running full apps.

Apps can actually schedule updates and publish information via push notifications. It can also update tiles in real time and share data. Tiles can be used to drag and drop items which will then be intelligently opened in the respective app.

So if you have an photo that you really like, you can drag it from your photo app and drop it on to a social network tile that will then open up the connected social networking app that starts uploading the photo to a photo host and gives you options to share your photo on multiple social networks. All of that can happen with one swift motion.

Also, there’s the Semantic Zoom — this is where you can zoom out of the Start Screen to only see clumps of tiles with just identifying icons on them. This helps you quickly move between a large collections and switch between groups of tiles really fast. So overall, desktops users are all set to have a great Windows 8 experience as well.

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