Microsoft Drops Aero Interface And Aero Themes In Windows 8

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 will be doing away with the translucent Aero interface style.

Windows 8 has officially dropped the Aero interface and moved to flat and neutral look

Windows 8 To Be Lighter Thanks To The Absence Of Aero

Introduced in Vista, the Aero interface is the semi-transparent UI syle that drew a lot of praise as well as criticism. It definitely added some freshness to the same old UI but it also meant Vista demanded far more power than Windows XP. Windows 7 took this forward and even though it was faster and more stable than Vista, the Aero interface was still very much present.
Now, Microsoft has revealed in an official blog post that the Aero interface will be done away with completely. This announcement was made on the Building Windows 8 blog by Windows director of program management Jensen Harris.

The new interface will be more Metro inspired. It will be flat and neutral colored. Here’s what Harris had to say about the whole thing

“we have moved beyond Aero Glass – flattening surfaces, removing reflections, and scaling back distracting gradients.”

This change was already anticipated since the initial days of leaked Windows 8 builds but it lacked an official confirmation. Now even that is in place and there’s no going back to Aero. All the preview builds of Windows 8 so far have featured the Aer inteface but the last and final preview — Release Preview — will probably feature the flat UI as we know it.

The main reasons for these changes are performance, compatibility (with older systems) and to reduce visual clutter and distractions as mentioned above. With Aero gone, Windows 8 would be running much lighter with lesser waste of system resources fo making things look visually glittery. So the main gain that would come out of this decision is a faster OS on the same configuration. This was the main criticism for Aero and now it looks like better sense and prevailed at Microsoft as Windows 8 races towards the yet unannounced release date.

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