Microsoft Decides To Allow Games With Mature Content

Games with mature content will now be accepted for sale through Windows app store Microsoft has decided to allow games with a PEGI 18 rating on its Windows app store.

Microsoft Decides To Allow PEGI 18 Games On Windows App Store

PEGI 18 rated games can finally get a Windows 8 app certification following a change of heart at the higher echelons of Microsoft. It might not be all that significant but then this news follow quite closely after the removal of Steven Sinofsky from his position. Initially Microsoft was only giving certification to games with a PEGI 16 rating and under. From now onwards, games with PEGI ratings over 16 and ESRB rating Mature will be allowed to receive Microsoft Windows 8 app certification.

The initial decision did not make much sense because it is important to hold the mature gaming audience in place as they often drive sales through their direct purchasing power. The younger audience is usually dependent on others to make purchases and is hence only capable of influencing instead of direct purchasing.

However, this ban on mature content did not necessarily stop Windows 8 users from purchasing games. Game makers and distributors are still independent to sell games as they wish and it is through them that most of the gamers have already made their purchases for Windows 8.

In order to make up for lost time, Microsoft has announced new game partnerships to bring big titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV to Windows 8. The Witcher (By CD Projekt) was also mentioned in the announcement made by Microsoft.

Microsoft faced a lot of criticism over its decision to not allow mature content in general and extending that to games as well. With a platform as popular as the Xbox under it, it was hard to imagine a full fledged Windows 8 app store without such popular games that happen to come with a mature content rating.

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