Microsoft Claims Windows Phone 8 Faster Than Most Phones

Microsoft publishes results of the “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign and claims Windows Phone is faster than most other phones out there.
Windows Phone claimed to be faster than 98% phones it was tested against, says Microsoft

Windows Phone Comes Out On Top 98% Of The Times: Microsoft

Windows Phone is being heavily marketed by both Nokia and Microsoft and one of the recent efforts have been the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ competition. It was run at tech events such as the CES 2012 and Mobile World Congress 2012 and also at stand alone events all over the world (India and other Asian countries had their own versions of this competition). Microsoft also posed this challenge to the visitors at its retail locations across the US.

According to the statistics released by the company, Windows Phone came out on top 98% of the time out of 50,000 and more cases. There are no details available on the kind of comparisons that were made. The contest seems to have used multiple Windows Phone handhsets all over the world with some areas focussing on the Lumia phones. In the UK Microsoft was betting £100 and $100 in the US in Windows Phone’s favor, claiming it ran faster than other phones.

As far as publicity stunts go, this one was quite effective because it made bystanders get actively engaged with the device and see it compared directly with their own devices. And if the numbers are to be believed, the Windows Phone handsets took the crown most of the times.

Windows Phone is slowly increasing its marketshare through gradual rise in the US and also sales in developing markets. Since Nokia and Microsoft and pushing Windows Phone devices with subsidies, the price to performance ratio of these phones are more prized in developing economies where the platform has seen better sales than the US. Microsoft is also waiting on Windows 8 to arrive commercially before going all out on marketing Windows Phone. The new platform is going to unify user experience all across Microsoft platforms that will cover all devices starting from the basic desktop to the laptop, ultraportables, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and hybrid/concept devices.

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