Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Release Preview: Almost Done!

Microsoft has announced that the Release Preview (Release Candidate) build of Windows 8 is almost ready and it will be released one month down the line in June.
Microsoft announces the release schedule for a Windows 8 Release Preview

It’s Official: Windows 8 ‘Release Preview’ Coming In June

After a lot of waiting and a lot of speculations, Microsoft has finally announced the ETA for the Release Preview build of Windows 8, which is the name Microsoft is using to denote the Release Candidate version of Windows 8. The company announced yesterday evening that they are almost ready with the build and it should be available for public consumption by June.

This announcement was made by Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky whilst he made an appearance at the Windows 8 Dev Days event held in Japan. It was then talked about in more details via the official Build Windows 8 Twitter feed.

The Release Preview is the final stage before the OS goes on sale later this year and it follows the current beta build that is available and called the Consumer Preview build. The Consumer Preview came out in February 29th, so Microsoft is clearly working at a fast pace to push Windows 8 out as fast as they can. The latest rumors to emerge from Redmond and elsewhere suggest that the final version will go in to commercial production in October.

Windows 8 is the biggest bet Microsoft has taken in recent times and it will bring about a change that is bigger than what Vista did. However, given the way Vista was hyped up and then flopped in the market, there’s a lot of trepidation about this new OS. However, the preview builds have been quite well received so far and it is clearly one of the most talked about things in the tech world right now.

Microsoft will be tying everything in to Windows 8 in the coming days and that includes services like Xbox Live and every device class — Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

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