Microsoft Adds New SkyDrive Features Ahead Of Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft has just released a set of brand new features for its SkyDrive cloud storage service and is now competing with the likes of DropBox and Google Drive.
Microsoft updates SkyDrive to compete with DropBox and Google Drive

Microsoft Launches SkyDrive With New Drag And Drop Features

On Monday, the last day of April, Microsoft added a set of brand new features to its SkyDrive cloud storage service. Just a month or so ahead of the Windows 8 Release Preview, this new update to SkyDrive adds features for remote accessing PCs (called ‘Fetch’), new storage options and also the ability to access SkyDrive from iOS and Windows smartphones.

SkyDrive now allows users to drag and drop media and photo files from their Windows desktop to their cloud accounts. And in fact, Microsoft is offering the last free 25GB accounts of SkyDrive to old users. So if you’ve have your Windows Live ID for some time now, you might be eligible for getting a free 25GB storage, especially oif you have already used the service before April 22. This is much better than the 5GB Google Drive is offering and definitely better than the 2GB free account that DropBox offers, especially if you are using a Windows PC as well as Windows phone. There’s also a preview client for OS X Lion, which brings the service to Mac users as well. the only service missing right now is on Android.

Microsoft has timed it just right so that the news waves from cloud service launches from Google, Samsung and Sony can be countered. Google Drive was launched this week as well.

Microsoft is concentrating in making the experience as smooth as possible for the user and making sure that everything works without any confusion. There are no pop-ups or dialog boxes. Just simple drag and drop. The SkyDrive app comes bundled with Windows 8 as of the Consumer Preview build.

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