MetroTwit Finally On Windows 8

Metro UI inspired Twitter client MetroTwit may have seen daylight on Windows 7 but it has finally made its way to its destination — Windows 8.

MetroTwitt twitter client arrives on Windows 8

MetroTwit Makes Its Way To Windows 8

Attention Windows 8 users, there’s a new twitter client to try out on the Windows Store and it is called MetroTwit. Some of you might already be familiar with the app since it debuted on Windows 7. It is now a fully functional Windows Metro app and is going for free on the Windows store.

It is in fact quite similar to the Windows Desktop version that was released earlier and returning users will find themselves on familiar grounds. It has a column and tile based UI, very geometrical, very Metro.

Once you have logged in through the app and done the needful, you will be greeted with a traditional Twitter timeline. One click on any tweet and you will trigger an in-app toolbar that allows you to do all of the following things— full screen view for that tweet, retweet or market favorite. You can also open the tweet on the twitter website, block user or report the user as a spammer.

If you want to see the person who has posted the tweet, clicking on the name will reveal their bio, the list of people they are following and are being followed by, as well as a list of their recent tweets. So you get to know everything you can possibly know about the on twitter.

On the default settings, your extreme left column will display thumbnail images of your own timeline. The columns to its right display various items that are refreshed constantly. You can change these to display your direct messages, favorites, your mentions, your retweets etc.

Given the intelligent layout and the optimum use of screen space, you can add up to three columns in one screen. This has parallels with the popular TweetDesk App.

MetroTwitt twitter client arrives on Windows 8

Posting a tweet on this app is pretty straightforward but it is not the most intuitive. Clicking/tapping on any empty area on the app presents you with the toolbar that has the new tweet option. When posting the tweet, you will have the options to include a photo that can you take with your device’s camera (or your webcam) or you can upload one directly from your Windows Pictures gallery. Tweet posting is robust and it offers everything that the Twitter website itself offers.

One of the quirky things about MetroTwit is that it is one of the rarer Metro apps that choose not to use the Windows 8 Charms bar much. The main use of the Charms bar is to use its search field. Enter a search query in to Charms bar search field whilst inside the MetroTwit app and you will be able to do searches by name, by topic and all the other options you have. The results get displayed in the main app Windows of course. So it is a smooth enough experience and is quite fully featured in this regard as well.

If you feel the need to see your own Bio, you will be able to see it on the upper left corner of the app where you have your own Twitter name. Clicking on this will bring up your own bio, as well as your tweets, the people you follow and the people who follow you.

When it comes to seeing this as a version of MetroTwit, it appears to have the same advantages (great UI design, touch-friendly) and disadvantages (UI can feel alien and a bit too flat and boring sometimes) as all the other Metro apps in the market. So there’s nothing new to add to that mix.

As already mentioned earlier, MetroTwit is quite customizable. If you are the kind that wants everything displayed, you can have that. Or you can have just the bare minimum. It’s completely up to you. However, if you want a minimal set up, you will have to live with a part of the screen space being wasted. But then there’s always the option of using the app in Snap mode.

One last word — like most other apps on the store, this app too is in preview stage and will possibly reach completion upon the official commercial release of Windows 8.

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