Market Share: Windows 8 Gaining Traction Amongst Big Business In The US

Foxfast Windows 8 App Thumb Major companies in the US are providing their target audience with a new digital experience through Windows 8 apps.

America’s Big Business Latches On To Windows 8

Big business in the US has been taking note of Windows 8 as a new platform to deliver an always-connected experience to their target audience. Companies like Twentieth Century Fox, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America and more are joining in to give consumers a brand new experience through Windows 8 apps. and other big business outlets are hopping on to Windows 8 with their own apps.

Windows 8 apps are different from the traditional Windows applications and are more mobile and touch oriented than the traditional format. created a next generation mobile experience using a touch-first Windows 8 app. This gives users access to the Fox owned content at all times, anywhere around the world. Just like the actual website, the new app provides users with a secure login and smooth viewing experience.

Johnson & Johnson has created an app called the Digital Health Scorecard. This app is aimed to teach users how to assess their basic state of health and also impart information on avoiding long term diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. These are the top conditions responsible for killing 3 out of 5 people around the world according to World Health Organization. The app is meant to be used regularly to maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Bank of America has also chipped in and made a Windows 8 optimized version of the existing mobile app. This app leverages unique windows 8 features like the Live Tile that updates information automatically. This app gives customers the convenience of checking their balance, paying their bills, depositing checks and much more. It also allows them to redeem BankAmeriDeals from their tablets, laptops and desktops.

Other companies using it include PCL Construction and also Rooms To Go (furniture retailer). The main advantage of Windows 8 apps is that they run the same all across devices, from phones to desktops. So the user is always in touch, always connected.

All mentioned apps are now available on Windows Store, accessible from your Windows Phone and Windows 8 PC.

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