Manufacturers To Receive Windows 8 In July: Rumors

Microsoft is apparently ready to release Windows 8 to manufacturers and will do so in July.

Windows 8 To be released to Manufacturers

Manufacturers To Have Access To Windows 8 In July

According to Russian Windows blogger Wzor, Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 to manufacturers in July, which signals the next milestone in the development process — Release to Manufacturing (RTM). If Windows 8 reaches RTM next month, then it can be taken as a clear indication of an October release.

Reputed Windows blogger Neowin commented on Wzor’s post as well, confirming the Russian bloggers track record for Windows related leaks. In the meantime, a forum admin on Winunleaked’s forums posted a screenshot that is allegedly of an RTM build of Windows 8. It is of Windows 8 sitting inside a folder called RTM inside Microsoft’s own internal networks. This screenshot was taken by Wzor.

Wzor has also mentioned that the RTM will come in between July 17-20, which also happen to be the dates for Microsoft’s annual MGX conference. However, all of this is completely unverified at the moment and there’s no supporting evidence to back it up. So take it with a pinch of salt.

The October release does look quite possible though, based on the manufacturer chatter that we have been picking up from the various tech events that have taken place recently. Most of them seem to have their devices up and running and are already talking about releasing alongside Windows 8. That would mean Windows 8 being at a stage where manufacturers have already used it to develop stable systems that they are confident about. Some have even spoken casually about releasing later this year, without any mention of Windows 8 or Microsoft’s official plans. Given the rate at which Microsoft has been progressing in its development, a pre-holiday season release actually does seem quite believable at this point.

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