Logitech Releases TrackPad and Mice For Windows 8

Accessory maker Logitech has taken the veil of its latest line of accessories for Windows 8 and quite predictably a lot of it is touch based.

Logitech releases three new touch-based pointing devices for Windows 8, to launch on October 26th

Logitech Releases Accessories For Windows 8

Windows 8 is a ‘touch-first’ OS according to Microsoft, which means its interface is optimized for touch use. This would mean desktop users will face some grief if they lack touch input. Well, Logitech is here to remedy that situation with a bevvy of Windows 8 accessories that include copious amounts of touch-based devices.

To start off with, there’s the Wireless Rechargeable TouchPad 650 for $80. It’s a 5″ by 5″ touch pad that has built in gestures for Windows 8 and also for Windows 7 if you are not willing to make the jump just yet. It doesn’t have the two-finger tap for right clicking but it’s got plenty of other things to keep you happy. And it’s built in rechargeable battery means you don’t have to carry around batteries that you can then proceed to lose.

Then there’s the Touch Mouse 620 for $70, which looks rather sleek and stylish and almost alien in fact. It is basically a smoother, curvier version of the Microsoft Touch Mouse in many ways. It is the best combination for Windows 8 in our opinion because it lets you do mouse work as well as perform touch gestures because the whole surface is touch sensitive.

And then comes the Zone Touch T400 for $50, which is the lower version of the Touch Mouse with a touch sensitive patch on top for 4 way scrolling and a more staid look as compared to the previous model.

All of these pointing devices will come out alongside Windows 8 on the October 26th and till then they are only available for pre-order. So if you want to assemble your system in advance for Windows 8, now is the time to order. However, since these are first generation devices running on a brand new platform, you must be ready for some early adopter hiccups. Other than that, having a ‘fingers-on’ approach to Windows 8 from the very beginning should be a good thing for any user; judging by our own experience with pre release versions.

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