Lenovo Might Win Big With New Line Of Windows 8 Convertibles

Lenovo’s newly launched convertibles bode well for the company and their join presence might help it rise to the top of the upcoming Windows 8 wave of devices.

Lenovo’s upcoming Windows 8 like up might put it up top

New Windows 8 Convertible Devices Might Put Lenovo On Top Position

Lenovo might end up on the top spot of the global PC markets and overtake Hewlett Packard in the process. However, much of the US markets remain unfamiliar with the brand even though Lenovo scored a number four position there amongst all PC makers and was the only one in the top four to post a positive year-on-year growth even though the rest of the PC market has been slumping. Lenovo is now working on a campaign that will expose more US consumers to the brand.

Lenovo intends to spearhead this effort with four new convertible devices that run Windows 8. These are the devices that the company launched during an October 9 event in New York City — the IdeaPad Yoga 13, Yoga 11, ThinkPad Twist and IdeaTab Lynx. All of these devices turn, swivel, fold and transform to offer multiple usage scenarios. All of them are touch-based and are built to work with Windows 8. The company has plans to project all four devices in to a massive unified campaign that will push the brand home across the US and world.

The Yoga devices are designed with a 360º hinge that opens all the way back and allows the user to fold the screen all the way back instead of having to swivel it. It can also work in what Lenovo calls the Tent mode where the screen is turned back enough to form an upside down V and hence support itself on a flat surface. This is good for presentations and movies. There’s also the stand mode where the keyboard faces down, the hinge points at the user and the screen tilts backwards — this position makes it easier to focus just on the screen and watch movies, use apps, etc. in cramped spaces. The Lynx is a tablet with its own keyboard dock and the Twist uses the old swivel technique to turn in to a tablet. All of these are expected to find their niche markets in various sectors like education, business and personal entertainment.

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