Lenovo Claims RT Tablets Will Be $300 Cheaper Than Regular Tablets

World’s second largest PC manufacturer Lenovo just announced that tablets using Microsoft’s upcoming Windows (8) RT will cost as much as $300 less than their regular Windows 8 counterparts.

Lenovo claims Windows RT tablets will be $300 cheaper than Windows 8 tablets

Windows RT Tablets To Be $300 Cheaper Than Windows 8 Tablets: Lenovo

Microsoft has been developing two versions of Windows 8 Ñ one for x86 and one for ARM. The ARM version is called Windows RT and it is primarily going to be used in tablets and hybrids running on ARM. Lenovo recently made a pleasantly surprising claim saying Windows RT tablets will cost us $300 less than their regular Windows 8 counterparts.

David Schmoock, Lenovo’s head of operations North America, today said in an interview that Windows RT devices will be targeted at the consumer and will be extremely aggressively priced. He also went on to add that it “will do well but itÕs going to be more of a consumer price point play to begin with”.

Windows 8 is the version that you should go for if you absolutely must have legacy app compatibility and the desktop environment. If you can do without it and just need something like the iPad or the myriad Android tablets, you can easily wait for Windows RT tablets to come out. Windows RT is scheduled to be delayed till early next year, which means you cannot get it for Christmas.

Schmook also said Windows RT will “be a very good consumer box,” and that Windows 8 tablets will be around $600 to $700 in price. So we are then looking at a Windows RT tablet price around $400 to $500. This would mean some actual competition with the iPad on the price bracket. However, it remains to be seen how RT tablets match up to the current king (the iPad) feature per feature. That is what will really make the difference for consumers.

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