Leaked Windows 8 PowerPoint Slides – Review

Just like all the past Windows operating system developments, we have seen leaked PowerPoint slides in regard to Windows 8; however, what do they mean and can they be trusted. In this guide, we will explore a bit more about Windows 8 leaked PowerPoint slides.
Leaked Windows 8 Powerpoint Slides

It is important to remember Microsoft have neither confirmed nor denied that these slides are real, which seems strange as Windows would usually move to deny anything that was released if it was unofficial.

Slow start up time – Never again!

If you believe the slides then it would appear that Windows 8 will be much more efficient when it comes to starting up. The new development could potentially see a full system reset preformed in under two minutes, and an almost instant power up from standby. This is a problem that Windows has faced since the beginning of Windows 1 and it would be strange if the start up time was not much quicker on Windows 8 than 7.

windows 8 powerpoint 1

Let’s Take A Look At Apple

It would be strange to believe that a group of Microsoft’s developers looked to apple in order to ensure their development run smoothly, but according to the leaked slides this is exactly what they have done.

windows 8 powerpoint 2

This slide appears to show that Windows may lose some of the features that it deems complicated.

Windows 8 Prototype

windows 8 powerpoint 3

Following on from the point above, this Windows 8 prototype looks a lot like an Apple desktop rather than a ‘typical’ Windows system.

windows 8 powerpoint 4

Also released were the system specifications, which show us that potentially all Windows 8 systems could be a touch screen but still keep the keyboard and the mouse. There will be various sensors, which will allow for intelligent brightening/dimming. A 2D camera will allow for facial recognition login. The audio specifications will be high quality and allow for voice control.

Facial Recognition

windows 8 powerpoint 5

Furthermore, discussed in the point above was the point that Windows 8 systems could contain facial recognition, a feature which has not yet been seen on household PC’s. Presumably, this would require the user to sit in front of the system in order to log them into their profile.

The developments that we can see from the leaked slides above are just a few of the ones actually found; however, what we can take from these slides is that development for Windows 8 is clearly exciting.

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