Leaked Slides Claim to Show New Windows 8 App Store

The  latest leaked slide by cnbeta.com claim to show the new Windows 8 app store. Or could it be a simple Windows 7 modification / fake?
windows 8 leaked app store

Will The Windows 8 App Store Have A Minimalistic Layout?

If you believe what you see then it looks like Windows 8 app store could have a rather simple, Mac like layout. First, there is nothing wrong with a straightforward design; in fact, plenty of people prefer it. However, we need to take the date of the leak into account. If we believe that this leak is real then we have to think that there is still more than a year until Windows 8 is released, and, even if this is the ‘current’ app store, it will not be by the time the operating system is released. Following on from that point, skins and designs are always left until the last moment anyway.

As we can see from the screenshot, the alleged Windows 8 app store has its main folders on the left hand side, with its new apps in the centre, and its ‘charts’ on the right hand side. This layout is nothing spectacular, but as mentioned above, does it need to be?
windows 8 leaked app store

Are These Windows 8 App Store Screenshots Real?

Generally, when screenshots find their way to the public, there are plenty of analysis’s that try to find errors in the leak. With this leak, it has been pointed out that Windows 7 Ultimate OS and Office 2010 are listed as “new apps”, which would suggest that this leak is a modded Windows 7 interface rather than a potential Windows 8 app store. Others have been quick to point out, that these could be placeholders that Windows put in order to fill a gap.


Of course, the Windows 8 app store hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Microsoft, but the latest leaks are very promising. We’ll keep you posted when there are any new leaks involving the Windows 8 app store.

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