Latest Windows Phone 8 Leaks Include Wallet, Nokia 3D Maps And Skype

Windows Phone 8 is on its way, right alongside Windows 8 and as usual it is preceded by a long trail of rumors and leaks.

More Windows Phone 8 leaks suggest seamless VoIP experience, 3D Maps and more

New Windows Phone 8 Leaks Suggest More New Features

Windows Phone 8 is expected to be released around the same time as the main Windows 8 operating system. But before that can happen, the new mobile os from Microsoft has its own trail of rumors signaling its coming. And the latest leaks (as posted by the good folks of WPCentral) have some exciting new features to suggest.

First up is Nokia 3D maps, which makes Windows Phone 8 at par with the recently launched iOS 6 by Apple. This will have hardware accelerated map navigation features and will be available all across the Windows Phone 8 device spectrum rather than just Nokia Windows Phone devices. And most importantly, it will replace Bing Maps entirely on Windows Phone.

Next is integrated Skype, which was something everybody saw coming a long way off thanks to the fact that Microsoft has already made it clear that Skype will be integrated deep into its ecosystem. Now that Skype is yet another department inside Microsoft, it should enable the Windows Phone maker to give unprecedented integration in to contacts and live up to the completely “seamless” experience that the rumors are suggesting. And this will include not just the instant messaging but also the Voice -over-IP feature that makes Skype so very popular.

And this won’t be limited to Skype, apparently. The rumors also suggest that other VoIP providers will also be allowed by Microsoft to patch in to the system to provide a similar seamless experience.

The rumors also talk about Windows Phone Wallet — a mobile payment system akin to Google Wallet and something like what Japan has been using for years now. It will take advantage of the NFC integration on the new platform and allow users to swipe NFC equipped phones to make payments easily and securely.

There were also mentions of a voice search feature that would similar to Apple’s Siri and provide comprehensive searching through various services like IMDB, Yelp! and Rotten Tomatoes. MIcroosoft is apparently also going to give developers better access to the camera to make for better camera apps like one that combines burst mode and smile detection to capture great portrait shots.

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