Latest Windows 8 Screenshots Leaked, Shows Of New Features

There are new leaked screenshots of the latest Windows 8 build doing the rounds of the Internet and they show as many as 5 new features coming up for the final release of the OS.

The new boot logo is one of the few new features seen in leaked screenshots of the latest Windows 8 build

Leaked Screenshots Show New Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 is going to be released on October 26 and it is going to the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) phase some time next month in August. And as is usual with the industry, there are new leaked screenshots already available online that show off some new features in Windows 8. This is the version of the OS that developers will be able to get their hands on next month.

According to the original report on The Verge, the new Windows 8 boot screen will feature the new Metro style Windows logo instead of the current animation. The screenshots were originally posted on the Winunleaked forum that is notorious for such things. One of the screenshots also show the Desktop side of Internet Explorer 10 taking on the color scheme of the desktop. The original forum post also listed a number of new features which are as follows: –

The Windows and the taskbars will no longer be open to being colored separately. They will likely follow the system theme instead.

The Internet Explorer’s ability to adapt to the color scheme of the user’s personal Windows 8 theme, as discussed above.

New Themes will be added to Windows 8 where users will be able to choose between the following three main themes — Windows, Earth and Flowers. The last two are nature inspired themes that will feature several great shots and the Flower theme will have multiple color options to choose from as well.

There are new Lock Screen backgrounds to choose from as well. They includes things like a dark navy one, a close up of a honeycomb structure, some urban motion blurred images, a guitar body, etc.

The boot screen will have Metro features, as mentioned above.

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