Latest Windows 8 Rumors

Here are some of latest Windows 8 rumors.

Windows 8 Rumors

Everyone is always looking for the next and biggest thing when it comes to the software that they utilize on their computer. However, there are even more anxious people who are awaiting any news concerning the Windows 8 that is in development. There has been many rumors about the software and with all the rumors, if any of them are true, then the consumer world is definitely in for a surprise when the company finally releases the product.

Rumor: Facial Recognition

One of the first rumors is that the new Windows 8 is going to be able to recognize those that are using the computer through facial recognition as well as using the light around the computer to help with adjustments. This is something that most people believe is a bit far-fetched, however, consider if it were true? That would mean no longer would people have to type in passwords, but rather the computer would recognize them. This could bring a whole new level of privacy to those files and so forth on the computer.

This could work together with Microsoft’s Kinect – Windows 8 Kinect Combo

Rumor: Smart Shortcuts

Also, the software is rumored to adapt to those that are using it. Meaning that the shortcuts that are on the computer are going to appear to the user in the way that works best for them. For example, those that use Word more than Excel may notice that the Excel short cut is gone from the computer since Windows 8 will know that it is not used that often.

Rumor: Faster Hibernation

The system is also supposed to have a hibernation system that sets in faster than past models. Which is going to help conserve the power of the computer much better than past models of Windows. The rumors also state that Windows 8 is going to automatically save work more frequently to prevent loss and so forth.

Rumor: 3D Desktop

Probably the biggest news that people are talking about is that the Windows 8 is rumored to to have a 3 desktop. Which means that people are in for a huge shock when they use this software on the computer. It could be the one way in which the company breaks into the 3D world that has become so popular with recent movies that were in 3D.

The Windows 8 is rumored to also include a piece of the software that is going to automatically deploy patches for those times in which the windows is not working as well as informing users of what went wrong. Basically, from the sounds and the rumors that are circulating around Windows 8 we can expect to see a computer genus software that is going to make the time that is spent on the computer as productive as possible. Is this all true? Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors and are choosing to keep the public in suspense waiting for the final product to reveal itself. However, if they are true we are witnessing a changing moment in technology.

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