Kinect For Windows 8 Desktop Apps Gets Another Update

Microsoft plans to release another update to the Kinect for Windows development package this October, ahead of the Windows 8 launch.

Microsoft readying new update for Kinect for Windows development tools

Windows 8 To Get Kinect Goodies Right Off The Bat

Windows 8 desktop apps can be built around Kinect functionalities because Microsoft has already made the necessary support available to make such a combination happen. Now in a recent post on the official Kinect blog, Microsoft has revealed its plans to make a new update for the Kinect for Windows blog for Windows runtime and software development kit (SDK). Using these tools, developers can create any application they want around the Kinect functionalities such as advanced motion detection through 3d space.

The new update makes things even better for the upcoming Kinect-powered Windows 8 apps. Apps can now take advantage of better motion and color detection through extended access to the sensory data that delivers this information to the application. The new update will also add support for new Kinect for Windows apps to support older, legacy code that was made for older versions of Windows. This will mean developers will be able to add Kinect functionalities to compatible Desktop apps in Windows 8.

In related news, Microsoft has also announced the expansion of the Kinect market. They are now going to sell the Kinect in six new markets: – Poland, Chile, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Colombia and Greece.

Kinect for Windows uses the same technology but the hardware will be different because it will be designed for use within close range whereas the original Kinect assumes that it will be around the TV and the player will be farther off. In fact the new depth camera on the Kinect for Windows has been tuned to detect objects as close as 50 centimeters. Microsoft has made the USB cable on it shorter and has also added a USB hub so that it does not end up blocking necessary USB ports.

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