FAQ: Is Windows 8 going to be cross system compatible?

FAQ: Will Windows 8 be cross-system compatible? Answer: Yes, it might not be ready to work on all devices in your household by 2012, but it will work on a lot of them.

windows 8 to be cross-platform compatible

AppX application type could be the new standard for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phones.

Microsoft realized that Windows 7 was not the best OS for mobile devices and canceled many of their tablet PC’s like the HP Slate PC, but with Windows 8 they could have a winner.

FAQ What are the advantages of cross system compatibility?

If Windows 8 is going to be cross-platform compatible and it works flawlesslyt, this will be a huge step. It will greatly affect the consumer and business market and possibly be the first big step towards a real “cloud”. In fact, Windows 8 could be used on a lot more devices with ARM support and will possibly become the major platform on all devices in your household. 3D-TV’s, XBOX720, Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone.. the list goes on and on. You can take all your data wherever you go, thanks to the cloud and cross-system compatibility.

Is cross system compatibility coming sooner or later than 2012?

It is very likely that Microsoft will have some cloud services and a Windows 8 tablet / phone ready in late 2011 / early 2012.

CES 2011 Speech

Those who watched Steve Ballmer give his keynote speech at the CES 2011 will remember him saying; “whatever device you use, Windows will be there.” You can read into this quote as much as you want, but what it seems to be saying is that cross system compatibility will be one of the major advantages of Windows 8 .

windows 8 cross system

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